GMS Salt Lake Flute Forum, 2019

Our 2019 Flute Forum will be held in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. This summer, we are partnering with The Gifted Music School to bring three days of outstanding musical education and superior performances to our community.
Events will be held July 29-31 at The Gifted Music School facilities, 150 South 1000 East, Salt Lake City, Utah. Faculty includes April Clayton (Director) and Carol Wincenc, with additional performances from Catherine Boyack, Jed Moss, enrolled students and competitors. Please explore this website for information and application forms.

Our goal is to prepare students and community for the National Flute Association Convention, to be held in Salt Lake City August 1-4.  To that end, our Forum days will be shorter and simpler than in the past; events will be as inexpensive as possible (aided by a generous donor); the competition will be open-ended to allow convention piece submissions.  We aim to energize rather than wearing you out in advance of the convention.  Come prepare with us!

Da Capo 2020, 2021 Flute Classes

We will return to our regular four-day Salt Lake Flute Forum during June 2020.  A larger number of faculty and performing artists will join us, and we will resume our more exhaustive daily schedule of events.  For now, we plan to return to Paris, France during July 2021 for a fourth two-week Da Capo Paris Flute Class.  Please check back with this website much closer to that time for confirmation and details!