Application Information

For our Da Capo Prize Competitions in 2020, links to the application form have now been added here:

You may pay the application fee for our 2020 Da Capo Prize Competitions here by PayPal, or send a check to the address listed on the application form.  PayPal is preferred, as checks have been known to go missing in the mail.

For our anticipated 2021 Flute Forum:

You may attend the 2021 Salt Lake Flute Forum as a Performer, Participant, or Auditor.

Please see the “Tuition and Fees” page for more information regarding attendance as a Performer, Participant or Auditor.  You may receive a discount by auditing in a Teacher Group (see details via the link to the Teacher Group Auditor form below).

To apply as a Performer or Participant for the 2021 Flute Forum, we anticipate that you will need to submit the following:
  • A completed application form. Application forms may be downloaded from this page.  Please print, fill out, and return with your other required materials. We do not mail application forms.
  • A resumé with detailed information about your musical education, experience, and any awards you have received.
  • Your current flute teacher’s name, phone number, and email address; the same contact information for another individual who can serve as a reference for your musicianship.
  • A non-refundable $25 application fee.  Make checks payable to Da Capo Alliance and send all materials to:
Da Capo Alliance
587 E. 1st Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84103
The application deadline for Performers and Participants is May 10, 2021.

Daily Auditors may reserve a space by mailing in the first page only of the Flute Forum Application form below, along with payment of $100 per day of attendance. Daily auditors may instead pay on the date they choose to attend, or at any time prior to that date; however, there is a slight risk that if you wait to pay we will not have space reserved for you at our location.

Download the Salt Lake Flute Forum Application in Word or PDF format:

Download the Teacher Group Auditor Form: