Da Capo Performance Prize

Da Capo Alliance is proud to recognize and promote outstanding musical accomplishment. We award at least one Performance Prize at each of our summer classes. All who attend as Masterclass Performers or Participants are eligible to compete. Information and requirements for the 2019 Da Capo Performance Prize are listed below.

  • There is no age limit.
  • An award of $500 will be made.  Any number of Honorable Mentions may be given.
  • This year there is no required piece.  Competitors will each perform a work of her/his choice for flute and piano.  This work must be submitted for approval on the application form.  You are encouraged to choose any piece from the 2019 NFA Competitions repertoire, from recorded or live round requirements. http://www.nfaonline.org/Annual-Convention/Competitions/ There is no time limit for the selected piece; however, you will be stopped after ten minutes should it exceed that length.  Memory is encouraged, but not required.
  • In place of a required piece, a separate sight-reading portion of the competition will help determine the winner.  An unpublished piece for flute and piano will be sight-read by each competitor in the spirit of the Paris Conservatory Prize tradition.
  • An official accompanist will be provided.  You may bring your own pianist should you so prefer.  A 15-minute rehearsal with the official pianist will be scheduled in advance of your competition time.  Any additional scheduled rehearsal time will be at the expense of the entrant.
  • A reference copy of each contestant’s piece must be provided for the judges.  Students may not perform off of xeroxed parts.

We wish to congratulate recent Da Capo Performance Prize Winners: Emily Burden (2018), Sherry Jensen (2017), Rachel Christensen (2016), Catherine Boyack (2015), and Drew Powell (2014)!