Da Capo Performance Prize

Part of the mission of the Da Capo Alliance is to recognize and promote outstanding accomplishment in emerging musicians. To that end, we award a Performance Prize at each of our summer classes. All who attend as either Performers or Participants are eligible, but not required, to compete. Information and requirements for the 2017 Da Capo Performance Prize are listed below.

  • There will be two age divisions: a Junior Division (below age 18) and a Senior Division (18 and older).  Age will be determined as of the competition date, which is Friday, June 30, 2017.
  • There will be an award made of $300 in the Junior Division and $500 in the Senior Division.
  • Those competing in either age division will perform a required, accompanied piece in its entirety, as well as a piece for unaccompanied flute of the performer’s choice.  There is no time limit on the unaccompanied piece; however, the performer will only play the first seven minutes should the selection exceed that length.
  • For the Junior Division, the required piece is Sicilienne, Opus 78, by Gabriel Fauré.
  • For the Senior Division, the required piece is Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando by Philippe Gaubert.
  • An official accompanist will be provided for the competition.  You may bring your own pianist should you prefer to do so.  A 15-minute rehearsal with the official pianist will be scheduled the day in advance of the competition.  Any additional scheduled rehearsal time will be at the expense of the entrant.
  • A reference copy of each contestant’s unaccompanied piece must be provided for the judges.  Students may not perform off of xeroxed parts.

We wish to congratulate the 2016 Da Capo Performance Prize Winner, Rachel Christensen!