Salt Lake City Environs and Schedule

2019 Flute Forum Information

For those coming to Salt Lake City from a distance, please refer to the following information on hotels and restaurants in the area.  Many options are available. The Gifted Music School is located downtown, only nine miles from the SLC International Airport.  Salt Lake City is known for its friendly, urban environment and close proximity to the mountains, many hiking trails, etc.

Salt Lake area hotels and restaurants

When the schedule for our 2019 GMS Flute Forum is finalized, it will be made available here.  Generally, activities will begin around 10:00 a.m. and conclude by roughly 7:00 p.m.  This should enable any students attending from surrounding cities to have a reasonable commute.   For a general idea of events, you may refer to the outline below.

Monday and Tuesday, July 29-30

Flute ensemble rehearsals; masterclasses with Carol Wincenc and April Clayton; student rehearsals with accompanist for masterclasses and competition.  Performance by Catherine Boyack and Jill Winters in preparation for Catherine’s NFA Young Artist Winner’s Recital. Possible performances from others to prepare for NFA competitions (if you are playing something at the NFA convention and are interested in doing a run-through for us in advance, ask!).  Performance by April Clayton and Carol Wincenc in preparation for their NFA Saturday Headliners’ Concert.

Wednesday, July 31

Da Capo Performance Prize Competition; flute ensemble rehearsals; concluding flute ensemble performances.