Tuition and Fees

Costs for the 2019 Salt Lake Flute Forum will be as follows:

Application Fee: $15
Masterclass Performer Fee: $60
Three-Day Participant Fee: $50
Competition Entrant Fee: $50
Daily Auditor: $20/day

This year we have no all-encompassing tuition.  You may choose which activities you’d like to take part in on the application form.  The separate fee per activity will be as listed above.

Masterclass Performers play in two classes: one for Carol Wincenc and one for April Clayton.  You may perform the same composition in each class, or two different selections may be presented according to your choice (see application form).  For accompanied works you will have a 15-minute rehearsal with our accompanist in advance.

Three-Day Participants may attend all events and are assigned to a flute ensemble to rehearse and perform on our final day.

Competition Entrants will play in our Performance Prize Competition on Wednesday, July 31.  See “Performance Prize” page for details.

We are unable to assign Daily Auditors to play in a flute ensemble (unless with the explicit goodwill and blessing of a pre-formed group that doesn’t mind a temporary extra member).  However, auditors may attend all events each day, including listening to flute choir rehearsals.

Students travel to Salt Lake City at their own expense.