Tuition and Fees

Costs for the 2020 Da Capo Prize will be as follows:

Application Fee: $25

You may pay here by PayPal, or send a check to the address listed on the application form.

We do not subsidize any recording costs.

Costs for the 2021 Salt Lake Flute Forum are anticipated not to change:

Application Fee: $25
Performer Tuition: $360
Participant Tuition: $300
Teacher Group Auditor (see “Apply” page for details): $120
Daily Auditor: $100/day

Performers are assigned to play in a minimum of two masterclasses.  You may perform the same composition in each class, or two different selections, according to your choice (see application form).  For accompanied works you will have a 15-minute rehearsal with our accompanist in advance.  Performers may additionally enter the competition, attend all events, and are assigned to a flute ensemble.

Participants may attend all events, enter the competition, and are assigned to a flute ensemble.

Daily Auditors and Teacher Group Auditors may attend all events each day, but do not compete or perform.

Students travel to Salt Lake City at their own expense.