Tuition and Fees


Costs for the 2018 Da Capo Paris Flute Class will be as follows:

Application Fee: $50
Tuition: $1600
Housing: $600 (may vary with added amenities)

Students travel to Paris at their own expense.

There is an option for auditing our Paris Flute Class. The cost is $900 for the full class. Auditors may also attend for a shorter portion of one to several days at a prorated rate. Those auditing may attend all events and participate in technique workshops if desired,  but do not perform in masterclasses, recitals, or the Performance Prize Competition.

Scholarship aid is offered to offset some students’ tuition expenses. These funds are limited, and students must complete the required financial aid form by our February 20 postmark deadline to be considered for them. Financial aid is mostly offered in the form of Fellowships; students who receive a Fellowship help with certain logistical aspects of the program in exchange for financial help.