Past Events

View the 2016 Paris Flute Class Master Schedule

We disseminate Paris Flute Class schedules to all Performers, Auditors, and other participants shortly before they happen.  This is so that all masterclass assignments, rehearsal times, etc can be made beforehand (and kept private).  However, we welcome you to look at our master schedule from 2016 here to get an idea of how our class will be organized in 2018.

Past Da Capo Alliance Events

Da Capo Alliance hosted our first Salt Lake Flute Forum in late June of 2013. Faculty members were Bonita Boyd (Eastman), April Clayton (Brigham Young University), and Amy Porter (University of Michigan). Panel discussions included additional members of the local flute community, and a mock orchestral audition was judged by Utah Symphony flute and woodwind section members.  Over fifty flutists were in attendance, with twenty selected to perform in the masterclasses.  Congratulations to Alicia Kim, Jennifer Nealon Miller, and Alison Hazen Olsen, who were honored in our Mock Audition Competition!

Da Capo Alliance holds the Salt Lake Flute Forum on a biannual basis; the second was late June, 2015. A third has been planned for June 28-July1, 2017.

During even calendar years, Da Capo Alliance hosts the Paris Flute Class at the Ecole Normale de Musique.  Our first was in July 2014, with the second in July 2016.  A third is currently being planned for July 2018.

Here are some links pertaining to the 2013 SLFF:


Paris 2014 with Patricia Nagle and April Clayton
Paris Da Capo students, April Clayton, and Linda Chesis, 2014
Paris 2014 masterclass with Linda Chesis
2015 SLFF with Jill Felber at The Gifted Music School
2015 SLFF with faculty members April Clayton, Jill Felber, and Thomas Robertello
Paris 2016 April Clayton with Jean Ferrandis
Paris 2016: Da Capo Alliance hosts Rampal Society presentation
Paris 2016, Salle Cortot, after final student concert
Paris 2016 trip to the Musée de la Vie Romantique
Paris 2016 Michel Moragues masterclass
Paris 2016, student final concert in Salle Cortot
Paris 2016 Da Capo masterclass with Patricia Nagle